Allow Me

Phylis Renee Marconi
Phylis Renee Marconi/Michael Drakulich


A human interest story about balancing a music and teaching career brought a local newspaper journalist and a singer-songwriter together to write this song.  Michael's words......Phylis's!  A+ Rootsy Americana!


Allow Me (©2005 Marconi/Drakulich) Allow me To see Your face each morning Running My hand Along your awning Resting My head Against your neck so warming Inside Of you Feels like I'm belonging Allow me Allow me To be there Allow me The chance To get to know and miss you For all To see, How I want to kiss you Passion-ately gazing when I take you HoldingYou close When I make you dance Allow me To be pleased To be there I wanna be your best friend Whether thick or thin Again and again Allow me Allow me Let me in For the things that matter For your dreams that shatter Again and again Allow me Allow me Let me in Allow you Your time, And mine as well alone To free Our minds We'll share how much we've grown I'll nourish You And give you what you need To cheer You on, And hold you when you bleed Places Old and new, Allow us, me and you Allow you, Allow me, To be there  (©2005 Phylis Renee Marconi Music/ ASCAP)