Phylis Renee Marconi Facebook Fan Page   This link can be found on my homepage.  Click "Like" if you like!
Chicago Acoustic Underground

This link will take you to my podcast for Chicago Acoustic Underground. I am interviewed by Michael Teach and play some songs "live." A whole bunch of fun!!!! 

Singer Spotlight Unplugged
This is another one of our showcase sites.  Although this unplugged show has been on hiatus since 2010, this site lives on.  The show may rejuvenate itself and materialize once again at a future date!  I haven't really visited this page much lately.  Although MySpace has relaunched, I don't know how much longer the page will exist at MYSpace!
In Your Face Photography
Dan Locke is the face behind the camera in this company. He shoots the simple unknown artists to the elite of music. He shot my UG pic in my photo gallery. Check out his website.
VH1's Song of the Year
This site is by VH1 and sponsors monthly songwriting contests. My song "Fool Me Three Times" in the adult contemporary category placed as runner up in the December 2005 contest rounds. Check it out!!!
POPSTOPS - John Everson-"Live How You Like, Listen To What You Want!"
John Everson, music critic in his 18th year of writing his music column "popstops" published weekly in the FirstLook Magazine, Star Newspapers, reaching all south and southwest Chicago suburbs.
John Falstrom
All that is bass!!!! I've known and gigged with Johnny throughout the many years.... He is a very dedicated and talented bass player. He cares about the music. He has worked with every band in the Chicagoland/NW Indiana area.....Call him "Mr. Showbiz"!!!!! Check him out!!!
YouTube-Daddy Please Video 
This clip is from a past performance at Frankfort Fall Fest.  A very hot day that day...  A good day for some hot tunes!  This film was shot by Roberta Lynn Annicks, lyricist and co-writer of "Daddy Please."  Enjoy!   
TRMRadio DJ Toby Chicago has her own site. She talks about music and what's on her mind.  She currently broadcasts two weekly programs on BUMPS Radio:  (England) Toby's Indies and Oldies Show which airs 4:00p.m.-6:00 p.m. central time as well as Musical Potpourri which airs Saturdays 4:00p.m.-6:00 p.m. central time.  Check her out!
Shaz Kiuama internet DJ Extraordinaire........managing her own station, Shaz shares her love of many genres of music.  She also hopes her listeners adopt her obsession with ELO, her favorite band of all time!  Check her out!